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Confirmation 1965

L to R: Vicki Wegner, Greg Manz, Renee' Reeck, Rev Howard Krueger.

Back row: Steve Zeimet, (Ebenezer) Greg Manz, Vaughn Clark, (Ebenezer) Rev. Krueger.

Front: Vicki Wegner, Connie Voss, (Ebenezer) Renee' Reeck.

 (Salem and Ebenezer confirmants studied together)

Confirmation 1966


L to R: Gary Reeck, Janet Snyder, Rev. Ed Podoll,

Larry Miller, Dave Weber, & Gary Scheel.

Graduation recognition-College and High School--1967

Above: (college) Bill Miller, Tom Miller, Butch Becker, Jennie Becker,  Rev. Podoll,

(high school) Don Weber, Kevin Farnum, Charles (Rick) Miller.

Chris Miller, Dale Bachman, Rev Podoll, Jean Wegner

Confirmation May 1968

Above Row 1: Chris Miller, Kathy Block?, Jean Wegner.

Back Row: Rev Podoll, Sandy Voss, Bill Ziemet, Jim Schultz, Dale Bachman, and Rev. Buller

Above from left: Kathy Block, Chris Miller, Jean Wegner, Sandy Voss, Bill Ziemet, Jim Schultz, Rev. Podoll, Dale Bachman, and Rev. Buller.