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It was very exciting to discover this undated photo of Salem showing one of the barns in the background. It's the first one that we have seen. One former Salemite wrote a very nicely detailed historical accounting of the barns and drew a diagram.  See below.

Harry Heitke wrote his memories from the 1900 period of his youth.  He wrote that 'there were 4 groups of barns; one to each side of the church and two to the south.'  He went on 'I remember the last one being built about 1915.  It was for four or five teams.  It belonged to the August Schultz family, the Gustav Heitke family and the Otto Busse family'.  He could not remember the others.  Going on he wrote, 'There were provisions called hitching posts for others behind the south barns to keep the horses fastened.  There were very few one-horse vehicles.'  


Click on the icon below to see Harry's drawing of the horse barns.  

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