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Work day at Salem

Reuben Arndt and Arnie Wegner after a day of planting trees around the church and the cemetery.  The Brotherhood was launched on Dec. 10, 1931.  The men immediately went to work by planting shade trees around the church and cemetery in 1932 and in 1933 they bought evergreens.  Where once the board fences and barns had stood, now spruces, pines and elm trees are growing. 

Notice how small the trees are on this photo.  Also there is not a fence around the cemetery.  Photo is probably from the early 40's. 

Working in the back room-1961

<--Working behind the scenes during the Zion Circuit celebration in 1961: Esther Erickson, Jane Miller, Esther Heitke and Martha Heitke.

Ebenezer and Salem ladies: Clara (Harold) Clark, Bernice (Lawrence) Liestman, Jane (Harvey) Miller, Emma (Clarence) Nehring and Mrs. Ed Schmidt cooking coffee and doing the dishes for the 100th Anniversary of the Zion Circuit held in 1961.

Preparing the 'goodie bags' for the first Christmas Program in 1997 after 30 years: Karen Snyder, Lucille Manz, Lorraine Adams, Norma Miller, Harry Snyder, Jane Miller and Dorothy Wegner. -->

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