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The Salem congregation was organized and Incorporated on 10/31/1870.  The minutes from the first 40 years were written in German and then translated into English in the 1990's.   





























(Translated from German)  Monday the 31st of October, 1870, the following men assembled to organize the Salem congregation: Rev. F. Emde, F. Moede, L. Koepp, Chr. Gehrke, M. Nehring, H. Manz, W. Zable, M.F. Plantikow, D. Moede, Chr. Wendlandt, A. Sack, G. Heitke, C. Schmidt, F. Wendlandt, J. Wendlandt, F. Nehring, R. Helmer, Herman Schultz, G. Krupke, J.F. Gess, G. Kindt, W. Arndt, G. Weber, C. Rien, A. Roehr, and Fred Miller.  They elected as trustees M. F. Gess, C. Schmidt, Ludwig Koepp, David Moede and F. Wendlandt.  

At this first meeting here are some of the things resolved:  

(1) The boards for the fence let to the lowest bid, Herman Schultz 1000 feet to haul from St. Cloud for $3.50.  

(2) Fence to be built by lowest bidder, let to Gottlieb Krupke for $14.00.  

(3) Resolved that the lots of the cemetery be designated by the casting of lots except those who had some buried on cemetery.  M.F. Plantikow had 2, 1 bought by M. Nehring.  Cemetery to be enclosed by board fence, 5 boards high, 2 gates, 1 big and 1 small with gates to be made of laths.  Decided price of lots to be $3.50 with money to be used for building fence and gates.  Posts to be 6 inches across each one to deliver his allottment of posts or pay 10 cents unless trustees coud get for less.  A single grave for adult sold for $1.00, child under 14 for $.50. If delinquent members of cemetery did not pay in 2 weeks after Sam Nehring approached them they were to be dealt with according to Church Discipline.  It was also decided at this meeting that the fence for the church should be 4 boards high and each one to deliver his share of the posts, the fence to e finished by the middle of May.  The front side to be left in charge of the trustees.  


​Nov. 28, 1898.  The Boardmembers agreed on a separate sitting arrangement, by parishmeetings and Church service, the male members should sit on one side and the female members sit on the other side, vote was taken 41-0 for separation.  


Annual business meeting, Wednesday Nov. 14, 1900 met the members of the Salem Congregation of the Zion Circuit of the Minnesota conference for their annual meeting.   Rev. J. Graeben opened the meeting with readings from the Bible, song and prayer. 


1. Rev J. Graeben was elected Chairman.

2. Wm Arndt was elected secretary.

3. The treasurer presented his financial and was accepted.  

                                                 Income $139.10

                                    disbursements $127.23

                                                       total  $11.87

                             special assessment $30.75

                                              expenses $24.00

                                                        total $6.75

4. W Arndt bid of $4 was accepted to bring 3 cord of wood.

5. W. Weber elected trustee for 3 years.

6. Moved and carried that 12 cord of wood should be purchased 6 cord hard and 6 cord soft, and 4 cord of that should be dry.

7. $2.50 was levied from each family for church upkeep.

8. The janitor job went to Franz Heitke for $66.

9. Sarah Moede and Auguste Miller were elected organists.

10. Moved and carried that each owner of a cemetery lot should bring 4 wooden posts at the time of the cemetery cleaning.

11. The minutes were read back and accepted.

12. Meeting was adjourned with praise and song.


Wm. Arndt, sec.








































Nov. 1, 1901:  A small house shall be built, 5X8 & 6' high, 2 partitions & 2 doors. Agnes Behr & Martha Miller-Organist. 


May 30, 1904:  A new furnace should be bought and the old one, if possible, be repaired.  It is a matter for Trustees  

Nov. 7, 1904:  Was agreed to put meshwire on the basement windows.  Was agreed to contact Ins. Co. if there is a possiblity to collect for damage on our church.  Minna Frank & Elma Gess organists



From 1910 on, we show a sampling of the minutes (spelling and puncuation as is) taken from the secretary's books that they wrote in such fine penmanship.

























(Written in English) Special Business Meeting:  Monday March 21, 1910 met the members of the Salem Congregation of the Zion Circuit of the Minnesota Conference of the EV Church in their church for a special business meeting. 


1. The meeting was called to order by Rev. G. Schaefer in the usual way

2. He appointed Wm Arndt as Secy

3. The proceedings of the previous business meeting was read for information

4. G. Krupke agreed to keep the grass on the cemetery short, cut it at least 3 times for $45

5. Moved and carried that the stakes on the cemetery lots shall be replaced with new ones each one having a lot must furnish 4 stakes the Trustees shall do the work and be reimbursed

6. Moved and carried that wooden cross pieces shall be put in the big windoe the glass to resemble the glass that was in it before but stronger

7. Moved and carried that the church shall be papered inside the trustee shall see to it

8. The minutes were read and approved and ajurned


Wm Arndt Secy


Anuel Business meeting, Monday November 28, 1910 met the members of the Salem Congregation in their church for their Anuel Business meeting. 

1. The meeting was called to order by Rev. Leppard in the usuel way

2. he appointed Wm Arndt Secy

3. The Proceedings of the Previous meetings were read for Information

4. The Treasurer reported his report was accepted                                    at hand from previous year 86.02

                                                                                                                                     income during year 308.65

                                                                                                                                            Disbursements 406.55

                                                                                                                                         leaves a defesit of 11.88

5.  Frank Heitke was elected as trustee for 3 years

6. Helena Weber and Selma Heitke were elected to play the organ

7. Wm Arndt accepted the duties of genetor for $100

8. was voted to buy 5 ton of coal  2 cd of dry popler wood and 2 cd of green popler wood and when dry the wood to be piled up in basement.  S Unger had the loest bid of $16

9. Albert Wegner ascepted to haul coal for $4

10. Ruben Arndt ascepted to dig graves on cemetery for $4 per grave

11. Moved and carried that the party cutting the grass on the cemetery shall see to it that it is cut short Aug Lueck has the lowest bid of $33

12. Moved and carried that the windoes shall be screened

13. Moved and carried that new carpet shall be bought the trustee shall see to it it shall be laid rite after Christmas

14. Moved and carried that book recks be bought

15. Moved and carried that shades be put over the outside lamps

16. Moved and carried that the trees on the cemetery shall be removed each person shall remove his

17. $16 were levied per family

The minutes were read and accepted and ajourned with prayer


Wm Arndt Secy





























Nov. 15, 1911:  Moved and carried that we keep the Testaments in the SS School and put them in the front seats.  Moved and carried that four fire extinguishers shall be bought.  It was announced that the book racks didn't get bought nor the shades over the lamps. They will not do the racks but will take care of the shades.  


Nov. 25, 1913:  Rev. Groenig asked if the congregation intended to keep the gas lights or if they wanted to install a asceteline plant.  Voted 4 against, 16 in favor. 


Dec. 2, 1913:  Moved and carried that the light tank shall be 36 ft away from church.  


March 16, 1914:  Moved and carried that cement curbing shall be put around the east cellar windows that the water can not run in.  Moved and carried that the sills on the steeple shall be repaired.  Moved and carried that the old organ shall be sold.  


May 24, 1915:  Rev. Groenig asked us to start with the duplex envelope system.  Moved and carried that the minister shall read the names of the families and how much they contributed the past year also how much they are to pay the next.  Moved and carried that the stuerts shall levy the assessments.  They levied 50 cents per member to defray the collections.  Moved and carried that boxes shall be installed for envelopes and one with a lock for the envelopes with money.  Moved and carried that each family shall help 1 day in cleaning the cemetery.  


June 5, 1916:  Moved and carried that lightning rods be put on the church.  The trustees shall put copper rods with a strict guarantee.  Moved and carried that the trustees shall have the light plant tested if they have a leek.  The trustees shall try to buy or rent a barn for the minister's house if they can't they shall build one.  




























Annual Business meeting Monday March 29, 1920 met the members of the Salem church in their church for their Annual Business meeting

1. The meeting was called to order by Rev. R.R. Werner as usual

2. Wm Arndt was named secretary

3. The proceedings of the previous meeting was read for information

4. The treasury report was read and accepted                                  


  Cash on hand beg of year 146.67

                                       Income 1971.10

                                            Total 2117.77

                    Disbursements 2020.82

              Leaves cash at hand 96.95

                  Paid by H J Wegner 58.00

                                            Total 154.95

5. Bro Aug Schultz was requested to again do his duty also of last year

6. Also Bro Otto Weber should be requested to do his duty

7. WC Miller was elected trustee for three years

8. HJ Wegner resigned as trustee

9. Bro AR Heitke was elected trustee for two years

10. The Salem Congregation sent a request to the annual conference to draw the boundry line between Zion and Paynesville Circuit

11. Ester Nehring and Viola Manz were elected to play the organ

12. Wm Arndt was elected sexton

13. Ed Hein & Wm Heitke were elected ushers

14. Clarence Nehring & Herb Hein were elected to finance board

15. Harvey Wegner had the lowest bid for genetor for 160

16. WC Miller accepted to furnish 2 cd Green Popple wood cut once and when dry put in the basement for 15.00

17. AG Wegner had the lowest bid of $10 to haul 7 ton of coal and put in basement

18. Arney Wegner had the lowest bid to keep bid short on cemetery for $64.

19. S Unger had lowest bid to dig graves for 7.50 per grave

20. The trustee shall give the organ players a little money from the congregation money for Christmas

21. Moved and carried that the West Poarch floor shall be made of cement the trustee are to superoise

22. There was a committee appointed to investigate what a big community barn would cost and report at the next meeting. The committee was   EA Krupke Frank Behr AR Heitke Arlie Gess HJ Manz

23. Moved and carried that the screens shall be repaired with Galvanized Screen

24. Each organ player shall have $10 for Christmas

25. The minutes were read and approved and closed with doxology


Wm Arndt Secy



Annual Business of the Salem congregation March 25, 1930 was opened by Rev. A. H. Nauman

1. Minutes of preceeding were read for information.

2. Financial report by A. G. Wegner.

                                                                                           Receipts $2,090.41

                                                          Disbursements $2,228.24

Deficit $135.83

3. Motion made that report be accepted with amendment that A.R. Heitke be given credit for $10 on 1929 account.

4. Motion made that the matter of deficit be left to finance committee.

5. R. H. Arndt was elected trustee for three years.

6.  Motion made that pianists be appointed by trustees.

7.  John Weber and H. A. Hein were elected as members of finance committee.

8. H. A. Hein was elected sexton.

9. E.A. Krupke's bid of $160 was accepted for Janitor service.

10. Arnie Wegner's bid of $45 to care for cemetery and church grounds was accepted.

11. Wm Krupke's bid of $8 for digging graves was accepted.

12. Wm Krupke's bid of $1.45 per ton for hauling coal was accepted.

13. Harvey Wegner's bid of $10 to furnish 2 cords of popple wood was accepted.

14. Motion made and carried that carpet on the platform be replaced. 

15. Committee of 5 appointed to have charge of same. Following committee appointed: Wm Miller GA Moede Mrs John Weber Mrs AR Heitke Mrs Wm Miller.

16. Motion made and carried that meeting be adjourned.


H.A. Hein, Sec


The Annual Business of the Salem Congregation was held on April 15, 1940 at 8 oclock P.M.

1. Rev Nelson opened the meeting with brief devotions.

2. The minutes of the previous meeting were read for information.

3. The treasurer's financial report was given.



4. On motion the treasurer's report was accepted as read.

5. On motion carried that we mimeograph a financial statement of the past years business. 

6. On motion carried that the matter of the balance due on the furnace be left to the trustees.

7. Arnie Wegner was elected as trustee for a term of three years.

8. Wm Heitke was elected as a member to the finance board.

9. On motion carried that in case of no election the two highest serve as candidates.  The class leaders elected were Wm Sack Gus Moede   Rubin Arndt Wm Sack was elected as missionary president.

10. On motion carried that the cutting of the grass on the church lawn be left to the trustees.

11. Harold Miller bid of $1.25 per ton for hauling coal was accepted.

12. On motion carried that the matter pertaining to the wood be left to the trustees.

13. On motion carried that we accept A. R. Heitke bid for janitor service for $170.00.

14. On motion carried that the matter pretaining to the basement windows be left to the trustees.

15. On motion the minutes stand approved as read. 

16.  On motion adjourned.


Arnie O. Wegner, Sec'y








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