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The annual Salem Fest held on August 13, 2017 recognized the Christian Faith and Life's Work of Salem's son, Dr. Lowell Gess.  This year's program told the story of how young Lowell knelt at the altar at Salem, dedicated his life to Christ and heard the call to 'be a medical missionary'.  The story follows his 96 years of living filled with its many twists and turns and ends with his most recent trip to Africa in August of this year. 

Attached is the program script which was compiled from Lowell's own books and  woven together by Linda Liestman from Paynesville MN.  You may click on either icon--MS Word document or the PDF file to read the story in it's entirety. Below the story icons, you will find a short YouTube video which documents Dr Gess's travel to Africa during the worst of the Ebola Crisis.   

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